Francesca Morrison is passionate about equine photography.All riders understand that there is something very special about the relationship between horse and rider;

Francesca aims to capture the essence of this relationship.Whether a client seeks the exhilaration of horse and rider striving together in competition or more formal equine portraiture, Francesca will always aim to reveal the heart and soul of the unique bond at the centre of equestrian relationships.

I'm currently working with Spidge equestrian photography and Adrian Sinclair photography. So far I've had the opportunity to work at Hickstead derby and the royal international horse show.  I've also had the experience of working at London fashion weekend which I attended in September 2013 and February 2014.

So far my work has been published in the Daily mail online, Scottish daily mail, Scotcampus, equi-ads, smartpak and Dunbarton reporter.
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